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Story of Prophet Idris (Enoch) AS



Prophet Idris AS: An Early Messenger of Monotheism



Introduction and Early Life

Idris AS, known as Enoch in the Bible, was one of the early prophets sent by Allah to guide humanity. He was a direct descendant of Prophet Adam AS, the first human and Prophet. The Quran mentions Idris AS in Surah Maryam and Surah Al-Anbiya, emphasizing his righteousness and high status. However, the details of his life are not extensively described in Islamic scriptures, leaving many aspects open to interpretation and scholarly analysis.

Prophethood and His Message

Idris AS was bestowed with prophethood after Adam AS and Sheeth AS, making him one of the earliest messengers of monotheism. His primary task was to guide his people back to the worship of Allah, the One True God, and away from the idolatry and sinful practices they had begun to engage in.

Idris AS was known for his wisdom, patience, and commitment to justice. He preached against corruption, injustice, and immorality, promoting peace, honesty, and the fear of Allah. He emphasized the Day of Judgment, where each soul would be held accountable for its deeds. His teachings laid the groundwork for future prophets and their monotheistic messages.

Contributions to Society

Prophet Idris AS is also remembered for his significant contributions to his society. Islamic traditions credit him with introducing various aspects of knowledge and civilization to humanity. Some accounts attribute the invention of writing and sewing to Idris AS and knowledge about the stars and their movements.

Ascension to Heaven

One of the most notable events related to Prophet Idris AS is his ascension. The Quran states in Surah Maryam (19:57), "And We raised him to a high station." Islamic scholars have interpreted this verse to mean Allah raised Idris AS to heaven, a notion also supported by several Hadiths.

There are differing opinions about the nature of this ascension. Some suggest it was a physical ascension, similar to Prophet Muhammad's Miraj, while others interpret it as a spiritual ascension. Some scholars also suggest that Idris AS is still alive in heaven and will remain there until the Day of Judgment.

Lessons from Prophet Idris AS's Life

The story of Prophet Idris AS serves as a testament to the virtues of patience, wisdom, and faith in Allah. His dedication to guiding his people and his steadfastness in the face of their resistance are inspiring examples for all believers. Despite the challenges, he remained committed to his message of monotheism and moral righteousness.

Prophet Idris AS's life also demonstrates the honor and high status that Allah bestows upon His righteous servants. His ascension to a "high station" reminds him of the divine rewards awaiting those who live in devotion and obedience to Allah.

Death of Prophet Idris AS

There is a unique perspective regarding the death of Prophet Idris AS, according to Islamic tradition and based on interpretations of the Quran. In Surah Maryam (19:57), it is mentioned, "And We raised him to a high station." Many Islamic scholars interpret this verse to suggest that Idris AS was raised to heaven by Allah, in body and soul, and that he did not experience death as we commonly understand it.

Some hadiths from Prophet Muhammad support this belief. For instance, it's mentioned in a narration that during the night of the Mi'raj, when the Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens, he met Idris AS in the fourth heaven.

However, as with many aspects of the lives of the prophets, the exact details surrounding the departure of Idris AS from this world are not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or hadith. Hence, the interpretations can vary among scholars, but the widely accepted view is that Idris AS was raised to a high station by Allah.

It's also important to note that, regardless of the details of his departure from the earthly realm, Idris AS is recognized in Islam for his piety and righteousness. His story serves as a testament to the virtues of steadfast faith, wisdom, and patience in delivering the message of monotheism.





Prophet Idris (AS), identified by some with the biblical Enoch, is one of the earliest prophets mentioned in the Quran, and he is praised for his piety, truthfulness, and patience. While the Quran does not detail specific miracles associated with Prophet Idris (AS) as it does for some other prophets, there are several aspects of his life and character that are indeed remarkable and miraculous, based on Islamic traditions and tafsir (interpretation) of the Quran.

1. High Station:

One of the notable aspects of Prophet Idris (AS) mentioned in the Quran is his elevated status. Allah says in the Quran (19:56-57): “And mention in the Book, Idris. Indeed, he was a man of truth and a prophet. And We raised him to a high station.” While the exact nature of this "high station" is not detailed in the Quran, various Islamic traditions and commentaries have interpreted it differently, some suggesting it could mean a high physical or spiritual position.

2. Longevity:

Like several other early prophets, Islamic tradition suggests that Prophet Idris (AS) was granted a long lifespan, which can be considered miraculous. This allowed him to dedicate many years to worship and conveying the message of monotheism.

3. Knowledge and Wisdom:

Prophet Idris (AS) is credited with several advancements in knowledge and wisdom. According to some Islamic traditions, he introduced various aspects of knowledge to humanity, such as astronomy, mathematics, and the crafting of tools. He is also said to be the first to introduce writing to mankind, a significant development in human history.

4. Devotion to Worship:

Prophet Idris (AS) is celebrated for his intense devotion to worship and closeness to Allah. Islamic traditions narrate that he would pray tirelessly and be dedicated to seeking knowledge and wisdom.

5. Teaching of Monotheism:

Like all prophets, a significant aspect of Prophet Idris’s (AS) mission was to teach God's oneness and guide his people away from idolatry and immorality. His efforts to spread the message of monotheism and righteousness laid the groundwork for the prophets after him.

6. Peaceful Nature:

Prophet Idris (AS) is also noted for his peaceful and gentle nature. He is said to have been a man of calm demeanor who used wisdom and kindness in his interactions with others and in conveying the divine message.

While the Quran does not detail specific miraculous events in the life of Prophet Idris (AS), like parting seas or healing the sick, his life, character, and contributions to humanity are considered remarkable. The mention of his high station and his description as a man of truth and a prophet highlight his importance in Islamic tradition.


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