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Story of Prophet Yahya (John) AS



The Story of Prophet Yahya (John) AS


Birth and Early Life of Yahya

The story of Prophet Yahya (John) begins even before his birth. His father, Prophet Zakariyya (Zachariah), was a noble and prophet, but he and his wife were barren, having no children. As Zakariyya grew old, he was saddened by the prospect of having no one to continue his prophetic mission.

One day, Zakariyya was in prayer and called out to Allah, asking for righteous offspring. He witnessed the purity and devotion of Maryam (Mary), the mother of Isa (Jesus), and was inspired to ask for a child despite his old age and his wife's barrenness.

To his surprise and delight, Allah answered his prayers. Angel Jibril (Gabriel) was sent to Zakariyya with the news that his wife would bear a son and that he was to name him Yahya. This was miraculous, as Zakariyya and his wife were elderly, and his wife had been unable to conceive throughout their marriage.

Unique Characteristics of Yahya

Yahya was a unique child, filled with prophetic wisdom even from a young age. The Quran mentions that Yahya was given wisdom while still a child. This reflects his spiritual maturity and the special favor of Allah upon him. He was also bestowed with several virtues, such as compassion and purity, and was promised to be a prophet to the people of Israel.

Moreover, Yahya's name was also a miracle. When the angel told Zakariyya to name his son Yahya, it was revealed that no one before him had been given this name. Yahya means "he lives," indicating his vital role in the spiritual life of his people.

Yahya's Prophethood

When Yahya came of age, he was granted Prophethood and carried forward the task of guiding the Children of Israel, who had by then lost their way spiritually. As a Prophet, Yahya preached the worship of One God, guiding his people to the path of righteousness. He called for the repentance of sins and urged his people to prepare for the coming of Isa (Jesus).

Yahya was known for his simplicity, asceticism, and devotion to worship. He was a staunch upholder of the truth and did not shy away from admonishing the wrongdoers, irrespective of their status. This, unfortunately, did not sit well with some influential figures in society, leading to a tragic turn in his life.

Conflict with King Herod and the Martyrdom of Yahya

One of the significant events during Yahya's Prophethood was his conflict with the local king, Herod. Herod had unlawfully married his brother's wife, Herodias, and Yahya fearlessly criticized this immoral act, which brought him into direct conflict with the king and queen.

Angered by his condemnation, Herodias plotted to have him killed. According to some historical accounts, she used her daughter Salome to dance before Herod on his birthday, and as a reward, Herod promised to give her anything she asked for. Coached by her mother, Salome asked for the head of Yahya.

Despite his respect and fear of Yahya, Herod was compelled to grant this gruesome request to save face before his guests. Thus, Prophet Yahya was martyred, becoming a beacon of truth and righteousness and a symbol of the struggle against injustice and corruption.

Legacy of Prophet Yahya

Even after his death, the legacy of Prophet Yahya lived on. He was recognized as a forerunner and a supporter of Isa (Jesus), and his life has inspired many. The Quran speaks highly of Yahya, describing him as noble, virtuous, and a prophet of the righteous.

Yahya's unwavering commitment to the truth, courage in the face of adversity, and devotion to Allah serve as valuable lessons for all. His story teaches us about sacrifice, standing up for what is right, and the ultimate triumph of truth over falsehood.




Prophet Yahya (AS) (John the Baptist in the Christian tradition) is a prophet celebrated in Islamic tradition for his devoutness, asceticism, and role in calling people toward righteousness. His life itself began with a miracle showcasing Allah's power and grace. Here are some of the remarkable aspects and miracles associated with Prophet Yahya (AS):


1. Miraculous Birth:

One of the most significant miracles associated with Prophet Yahya (AS) is his very birth. His father, Prophet Zakariyah (AS), was granted a son in his old age despite his wife being barren. This was an explicit miracle from Allah, displaying that He is not bound by the laws of nature and can provide offspring to whomever He wills, whenever He wills.

"(It was said to his son,) 'O Yahya, take the Scripture with determination.' And We gave him judgement [while yet] a boy." - (Quran 19:12)

2. Blessing and Purity from Birth:

Allah blessed Prophet Yahya (AS) from a very young age. The Quran speaks about his character, virtue, and the wisdom bestowed upon him while he was still a youth. His life was marked by compassion, devout worship, and a staunch stance for justice and truth.

"And [made him] sympathetic to people as a mercy from Us and pure from sins [i.e., faults], and he was righteous." - (Quran 19:13)

3. Prophethood in Youth:

Yahya (AS) was granted wisdom and prophethood at a very young age, which is a miracle in itself. The ability to comprehend, hold, and propagate divine wisdom and guidance at such a young age indicated a miraculous predisposition and maturity granted by Allah.

4. Devoutness and Asceticism:

The life of Prophet Yahya (AS) was marked by remarkable devoutness and asceticism. He lived a life detached from worldly desires. He was known for his deep spiritual connection with Allah, showcasing a pure and sincere worship that was indeed miraculous in the context of the society in which he lived.

5. The Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness:

While the Islamic tradition does not go into extensive detail about his prophetic works, the Biblical narrative, which can be referenced for additional insights without asserting their absolute validity, describes Yahya (AS) as a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way for the coming of 'Isa (AS) (Jesus). Despite being in the midst of a largely opposing society, his resilience and ability to stand firm on his message demonstrate spiritual steadfastness and miraculous endurance.

6. Martyrdom:

The ending of Prophet Yahya (AS) earthly life is also often cited with a sense of the miraculous or at least the deeply tragic and poignant — as he was martyred for his stance against the tyrannical rulers' illicit relationships and sinful acts.

These aspects of Prophet Yahya (AS)’s life exemplify miraculous divine intervention, blessings, and protection. His life is a testament to Allah's power, mercy, and guidance, offering all believers lessons of faith, steadfastness, and purity.


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