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Story of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) AS



The Story of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) AS


Early Life of Yaqub

Prophet Yaqub, also known as Jacob in the Christian and Jewish traditions, was the son of Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) and the grandson of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). He had a twin brother named Esau (known as Easu in Islamic tradition). Even from their birth, Yaqub was different. He was born holding onto his brother's heel as if to signify his future spiritual leadership.

Blessings of Yaqub

One significant event in Yaqub's early life was receiving blessings for his elder brother, Esau. As per the custom, the father's blessings, which usually entailed leadership and prophethood, would be given to the eldest son. However, Yaqub's mother, Rebecca, received divine inspiration, and Yaqub was chosen for the spiritual leadership among her sons.

When Ishaq was old and lost sight, he called Esau and told him to go hunting and prepare his favorite dish. Meanwhile, following his mother's advice, Yaqub prepared a similar dish and served it to his father, pretending to be Esau. Ishaq, being blind, was unable to tell the difference and thus gave his blessings to Yaqub.

The Dream and Yaqub's Prophethood

As a young man, Yaqub had a dream in which he saw a ladder reaching up to the heavens with angels descending. This dream was interpreted as a promise from God that He would remain with Yaqub and his progeny and that they would be blessed.

When he came of age, Yaqub was granted prophethood, taking up preaching monotheism, much like his father and grandfather before him. He guided his people with wisdom and righteousness, teaching them to worship Allah alone.

Yaqub's Family and the Story of Yusuf (Joseph)

Yaqub had twelve sons from his wives. However, he held a particular affection for his son Yusuf (Joseph), who was blessed with prophethood and gifted with the ability to interpret dreams. This special affection made his other sons jealous, leading them to plot against Yusuf. They threw Yusuf into a well and told Yaqub that a wolf had eaten him.

The grief-stricken Yaqub was comforted by Allah, who revealed to him that he would one day be reunited with Yusuf. Years later, this prophecy came to pass when famine forced Yaqub's sons to travel to Egypt, where Yusuf had risen to a high position. The heartwarming reunion of Yaqub and Yusuf is one of the most touching narratives in the Quran.

The Legacy of Yaqub

Prophet Yaqub continued his mission of spreading monotheism among his people until his death. His faith during trials, patience in the face of sorrow, and forgiveness toward his sons serve as an example for all believers. He is also honored as the father of twelve tribes, known as Bani Israel (Children of Israel), each originating from one of his sons.

Yaqub's Death and His Influence

After many years of guidance and leadership, Prophet Yaqub passed away in Egypt. Before his death, he asked his sons who they would worship after him, and they replied that they would worship Allah, the God of their ancestors Ibrahim, Ishaq, and Yaqub. His teachings and legacy of faith were carried forward by his sons, particularly Yusuf, and the following generations.

His impact was not confined to his lifetime or his immediate family. Prophet Yaqub's influence extended far beyond, shaping the religious identity of the Children of Israel. The Children of Israel, including notable prophets such as Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus), would carry on his spiritual heritage, spreading monotheism and the message of righteousness.

The Lessons from Yaqub's Life

Yaqub's life story is filled with numerous trials and tribulations, but his faith in Allah remained unshaken throughout all these. His story teaches us the virtues of patience, perseverance, and unyielding faith in God's promises.

Moreover, Yaqub's interaction with his sons, particularly in dealing with their jealousy and later their repentance, is an excellent example of parental forgiveness, understanding, and wisdom. His life inspires believers to remain steadfast in their faith, regardless of their challenges.





Prophet Yaqub (AS), also known as Jacob in the Bible, is a significant figure in Islam, revered as a prophet and messenger of Allah. Although the Quran does not provide an extensive list of individual miracles attributed to Prophet Yaqub (AS), several events in his life stand out as miraculous or are indicative of divine intervention and blessing.

1. Miracle of the Dream:

One of the well-known stories related to Prophet Yaqub (AS) is the dream of his son, Prophet Yusuf (AS), which Yaqub (AS) interpreted as a prophecy of Yusuf's future prophethood and greatness. The fulfillment of this dream years later, when Yusuf (AS) became a ruler in Egypt and his family prostrated to him, signifies a divine revelation and miracle granted to Yaqub’s family.

2. Recovery of Sight:

After being separated from his beloved son Yusuf (AS) for many years, Yaqub (AS) wept so much that he lost his sight. A miraculous event occurred when Yusuf (AS) sent his shirt with his brothers, and as soon as the shirt was placed on Yaqub’s (AS) face, his sight was restored. This incident is regarded as a miracle, demonstrating Allah's mercy and divine intervention.

3. Reunion with Yusuf (AS):

Prophet Yaqub's (AS) enduring patience and unwavering faith in Allah during the separation from his son Yusuf (AS) are notable. The eventual reunion with Yusuf (AS), who had been elevated to a position of authority in Egypt, and the subsequent sustenance and honor bestowed upon Yaqub’s family in a foreign land, are seen as manifestations of divine grace and miraculous intervention.

4. Blessings and Prophethood:

Yaqub (AS) was bestowed with prophethood and was given the title "Israel" by Allah. His twelve sons became the leaders of the twelve tribes of Bani Israel (Children of Israel), signifying the divine blessing of leadership and guidance granted to his lineage.

5. Prophetic Lineage:

The continuation of prophethood in the lineage of Yaqub (AS), with multiple prophets emerging from his descendants, is a divine blessing and miracle. His sons and grandsons, including Yusuf (AS), and later on Musa (AS), Dawud (AS), Sulaiman (AS), and Isa (AS), were all chosen by Allah as prophets.

The life of Prophet Yaqub (AS) is a testament to divine guidance, blessings, and the fulfillment of Allah’s promises, embodying the miraculous in the everyday life of a prophet dedicated to the worship and service of Allah.


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